This is a ‘Cardio and Strength’ workout for the 3rd Trimester. Here we are specifically working on your strength and your deep core muscles to prepare you for birth.

Make sure you have an exercise mat, resistance bands, a cushion / rolled up towel / block to help support you, comfy clothing (no shoes) and some water to hand. Once you have those things you are ready to go!

The Powerful Pregnancy is an exercise and wellness programme designed by prenatal expert, Jane Wake. Our mission is to to empower women to be their strongest both physically and mentally during pregnancy. Movement is integral to everybody – it is what we are designed to do. Never is this more so than during pregnancy. This programme will take women through their postnatal period, ‘The Fourth Trimester’ and return to full exercise. So join us on our journey to empower and encourage women to find their optimal strength.

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