60min Beginner Hatha Flow. Yoga for movement, mobility. “Moving feels Good” – from our LIVE session last week on March 21, 2020.

Hey friends and yogis!
This yoga video / yoga class will guide you through a 60m sequence taking you through a full class focusing on moving your body through various movements aimed at improving your mobility and facilitating movement. A slightly more ‘challenging’ beginners’ class, but don’t worry, lots of options and variations are provided to help you find your beat and rhythm!

Some postures we will be exploring include:
– Warriors (virabhadrasana) for strong legs and hips
– Triangle pose (trikonasana) for hips and shoulders
– Eagle pose (garudasana) upper back and shoulders
… and more!

Props are optional but suggested for a peaceful and supported practice.

Prop suggestions:
– 1 block (option to book)
– 1 Strap (option to use a scarf, belt, or towel)
Props are optional but not mandatory!

Let’s get moving!

(apologies for the overexposed lighting in the first half of the video – the sun really came in and my camera had been set at a high exposure. I tried to fix the light/color best I could πŸ˜€ ) Thanks for understanding as I work our the kinks in filming and editing!
~ Namaste ~


Music by Songs of Eden

Hey there! My name is Kathie and I’m a yoga teacher! I want to bring my love of teaching beyond my local studio to wherever you are practicing! As this is a brand new process for me (learning to film, edit, and instruct virtually), please bear with me as I work to improve with each video! My goal is to bring beginner, moderate, and advance classes to you in various lengths, so you can practice as you would at a studio.

Excited to share this journey and have you be a part of it! How can you provide input? Leave a comment below for what you would like to see or practice in the future: yoga postures, flows, and target areas. I will do my best to incorporate your suggestions!

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