Interval Training – Cardio And Body Muscle Training – HOME...

Get your heart pumping and calories burning with this round of HOME SWEAT HOME: Interval Training. Feel your cardio endurance and body muscle strength...

Flexible Warrior – Athletic Yoga for Sports Conditioning, Vol. 4

Ideal cross training for all sports including swimming, cycling, running and team sports like football, basketball. There are three segments on this DVD: The...

Yoga Ball with fun

I am Shoaibyoga. I am teaching yoga in Vietname. I hope you love it. source

Yoga at HealthTrack

A look at the yoga program at HealthTrack Sports Wellness! Hear from our group fitness director, Dawn Schramer, and one of our yoga instructors,...

4-minute yoga and floor exercise for beginners

This is my very first yoga and exercise video. I hope you like it. source

Total Body Sculpt #20: Arms, Legs, Core and Cardio Workout

Workout Schedule: source

Amazing Yoga Core/Abdominal Strength & Flexibility with Sunil Dahiya (2/2)

Check out this amazing Yoga Core/Abdominal Strength & Flexibility exercise performed by Sunil Dahiya at World Class Lauger in Reykjavik, Iceland. source

SWIRCA & More Chair Yoga with Melanie

Chair Yoga makes the practice of yoga accessible for those of all physical abilities and ages. The 40-minute online class incorporates the fundamentals of...