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An NHS doctors has shared a breathing technique for virus patients that JK Rowling claims helped her recover.

Dr Sarfaraz Munshi, who works at Queen’s Hospital in Romford, said the practice is used on intensive care patients but can help anyone fight off infection.

A breathing technique is the ‘only way’ to get oxygen deep into the lungs which is important to avoid deterioration, Dr Munshi said.

He also cautioned patients against lying on their backs because it reduces lung capacity and closes the airways.

Serious complications and death due to virus are largely due to the virus impacting the respiratory system, including the functioning of the lungs.

Praising the breathing technique, Rowling said it helped her recover from a suspected case of the virus.

The Harry Potter author said she is ‘fully recovered’ after suffering ‘all symptoms’ of the virus – but had not been formally tested.

She shared a video of a doctor advising how to do the breathing technique, which was initially published on social media.

Rowling wrote on Twitter: ‘Please watch this doc from Queens Hospital explain how to relieve respiratory symptoms.


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