If you try this remember to breathe and go slow. 🌊🦥🐢

I saw a challenge this morning on a surf page showing this sweet elevated plank. It is such a fun move and I totally recommend It to y’all!

Apollo our pup makes an entrance halfway through.
The original video has been sped up lots. The music is a lovely recording of a Guqin.

To practice 🏄
Begin on hands and knees. Slowly extend one leg back to the chair push into the top of the foot and see if you can lift the hips high to place the other foot back onto the chair. Place one elbow down and pivot hips to face the hand’s side. Gently push weight into forearm on the mat. Extend both legs to chair while lifting hips. It takes a lot of core so it is good to start small and improve.

For the backend, you may use a chair to lean back into and rest the head down onto the seat while opening the arms.

Thanks for watching! If you have any requests please ask in the comments. 🌹



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