I’ll show you how to use VR to effectively exercise your abs! Core workouts are typically known to be quite boring…but that is definitely not the case with this routine! In this video, I showcase a scientifically proven, effective, & safe method for training your core. Using VR, you can easily have a ton of fun and get a quality workout at the same time!

My personal best for this routine is: 4560 points! What’s yours?

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Greetings! My name is Taylor and I’m a registered Kinesiologist in Canada. I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics and have worked in various roles in the health & fitness industry for ~10 years. I currently provide physical therapy and active rehabilitation to people of all ages who have chronic health conditions, or who were injured in car accidents, sports, work, etc.

I work with many clients who are still new to exercising regularly or who are cautious about exercising with an injury/health condition and I strongly believe VR can help in both cases. I have high aspirations to use VR to help make rehabilitation exercises a lot more fun and engaging for my clients.

VR still has a long way to go to becoming a mainstream phenomenon, and I hope to do my part in spreading the good word about its health and fitness benefits! I see so much potential in VR and hope I can inspire my fellow gamers (or anyone with a VR headset!) to discover enduring enjoyment for fitness through gamified exercise!

If you have any suggestions, requests, or just general feedback let me know in the comments or with a message.

Rise beyond your limits with Transcend!

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